Craft Chocolate in Los Angeles

America cannot surpass Europe in bean to bar chocolate revolution because Europe has been in the game since 1700. However, bean-bar chocolate has over 60 years of formation in the market, most recently in Los Angeles. Firms have developed over the years to developing crafted chocolate without dairies, wheat, soy and sugar for the vegans. The market for crafted chocolate has also expanded to the point of a supplier company taking over 4 flights a week to get their cocoa directly from the supplying farm in West Africa, Central America among other regions.

Craft chocolates have since then been a preference considering the ration of chocolate versus sugar which is 70%:30%. This is distinct and substances such as preservatives, dairy and emulsifiers are absent. In addition, craft chocolates have a history of originality that has certainly made many firms in Los Angeles consider it as a priority variety at an added price. Bean-bar chocolate has created an evolution and a direct link with the processors and dealers famous in Los Angeles.

Bean to bar chocolates apparently can be dated back during the area of industrial evolution and Christopher Columbus. The variety with an ancient time in history has gained preference like the Artisanal coffee and craft beer. Artisanal has been a preference in Los Angeles over a decade because of the realized secrets of outsourcing cocoa directly from the farmer. This certainly has captured the attention of many with artisanal originality. The crafted chocolates are loved with the uniqueness in flavor and authenticity.

Letter Press Chocolate LA
The company could be a tiny company in Los Angeles, but has gained popularity in making of crafted chocolates. They have the tendency loved by most crafted chocolate lovers which are bean to bar. Certainly it’s a company that understands that there many lovers of chocolate but not so many who love the way chocolates taste the same. Crafted chocolate from Letter Press chocolate LA has been made with originality which is proven by their direct connection to farmers and their concern with agroforestry.

Choco Vivo LA
Choco Vivo makes bean to bar chocolate from the old tradition that dates over 2000 years back of Mayans and Aztecs. Originality is the key and hand ground tendency in their making of crafted chocolates. History has taught them that just as we eat whole vegetables same case applies to whole chocolates.

Mast Bros LA

The Mast Brothers have recently brought craft chocolate to LA by way of New York, where they have their flagship store/factory. They create bean-to-bar chocolate in a variety of flavors and allow visitors to see the whole process of making the chocolate from the cacao bean to the final bar of chocolate.