Visit Cayman Islands Today

It is known as one of the most desirable locations on our planet. The Cayman Islands has it all. From beautiful beaches to exclusive resorts, to great places to stay like Kimpton Seafire Resort. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, resorts, shopping, and entertainment. With all of the areas covered, it isn’t hard to see why the Cayman Islands are a fantastic place to visit.

When looking for outdoor activities, there are many to choose from. Snorkeling at Turtle Reef, Stingray Island, and the Cemetery Reef allows snorkelers to see aquatic wildlife up close and personal. If interested in sunken ships, the Wreck of the Gamma is remarkable. Caves and Coves offer unique places to explore as well.

Scuba diving has a huge selection as well. Becoming a part of the underwater world of the Cayman Islands reaps remarkable rewards. From the Bloody Bay Wall, considered the best ever by the late Jacques Cousteau, the USS Kittiwake, and Babylon which runs completely around the island, there is so much to see and explore. Choosing the location is the hardest part of scuba diving and snorkeling.

If the outdoor scene isn’t what you are after, there are resorts, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment to choose from. The Cayman Islands offers everything. Restaurants such as the Blue, Calypso Grill overlooking Morgan’s Harbour, and the Cracked Conch are just a few of the delicious places to choose from when hungry.

With the plethora of things to do and the beautiful setting, Cayman Islands are a much sought out vacation spot. Celebrities from all over the planet visit Cayman Islands. Everyone from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Tom Cruise are just a few of the big name celebs that enjoy the fruits of Cayman Islands. Former President Jimmy Carter once vacationed here and visited Stingray Island to get close to the majestic rays of the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a magical place for people who wish to experience island life.

Beautiful Places to Visit in the Cayman Islands

Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands are one of the most spectacular vacation destinations in the world. With miles and miles of breathtaking beaches, the views of the crystal clear turquoise waters. The Cayman Islands are made up of 3 islands, the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

The Grand Cayman is the capital of the Cayman Islands and the largest of the 3 islands. It’s also the most popular and the most populated of the islands known for its beautiful snorkeling and scuba diving waters. Cayman Brac is the 2nd largest island even though it’s only 19 km long by 2 km wide. It has a 43-meter high limestone bluff that soars above the ocean and along the length of the island and is known for its deep sea fishing. The Cayman Brac got its name from the term ‘Brac’ which is Gaelic for ‘bluff.’ Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands with no more than 10 square miles of turf. It’s known for the incredible distinct wildlife and endangered species that’s part of this island.

The Cayman Islands are the perfect vacation spots that has a plethora of fun activities and eateries that all ages can enjoy. With its beautiful warm climate all year round, visitors from all over the world flock in to savor everything the islands have to offer. Some of the more favored attractions include;

Stingray City – Home to hundreds of stingrays, visitors get a chance to get up close to the stingrays and interact with them while petting and feeding them.

Seven Mile Beach – This beach is praised for having one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. It also has the Grand Caymans most popular resorts, with casual eateries and bars sprinkled along the beach with the most stunning views of the ocean.

Mastic Trail – Located in the Grand Cayman, this trail is a nature lover’s dream. The 200-year-old trail winds through tropical trees and shrubs and surrounded by the most colorful plant life.

Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto – Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto lays 46 feet below water south of the Seven Mile Beach, has the most magnificent diving spots of the Grand Cayman. Both Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto can be enjoyed by beginner and intermediate snorkelers alike.

Cayman Turtle Farm – This turtle farm is a fascinating attraction and home to over 7,000 green sea turtles as well as birds, fish, and sharks. The turtle farm was named Las Tortugas by Christopher Columbus when he found an abundance of sea turtles on the Cayman Islands. One of the features that make this turtle farm so popular is the experience visitors get with hands-on interaction with the baby sea turtles.

The Cayman Islands also have a fabulous nightlife with nightclubs, bars, shows, dancing, and restaurants that offer the delicious tastes of the islands with fresh seafood caught daily and prepared by top notch chefs. Some of the best nightlife places include; Paradise Reef, The Green Parrot, Elements Nightclub, Sky Lounge, and Legendz, to name a few.

Many celebrities love visiting the Cayman Islands for some fun and relaxation, but they also enjoy their privacy. Many stars have been spotted there such as Orlando Bloom and Bill Paxton who were there shooting a film. Taylor Swift, John Legend, and Alicia Keys have performed there as well. At one of the gyms in the Cayman Islands, Cameron Diaz, John Travolta, and Dwayne Johnson have also been seen there as well.

These are just a few of many fascinating attractions the Cayman Islands have to offer. There are so many activities like fishing, hiking, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing, as well as countless restaurants with first class chefs, bars, and shops.