Tourism leading businesses in the Grand Cayman

Tourism is among the leading businesses in Grand Cayman. A testament to the statement, the industry of tourism in Grand Cayman has progressively grown over the past recent years. Although there have been low seasons when tourists hardly visit because of the dwindling state of the economy and harsh weather like hurricanes, Grand Cayman possesses some of the world’s interesting sites. Visiting the Cayman Islands has all positive effects. Here are a few interesting and beautiful places to visit in the Cayman Islands besides Ken Dart’s Kimpton Seafire Hotel:

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is prominent for its central geographical location on the shores of the Caribbean. The beach is fringed with casuarinas as well as coconut palms. The ravishing sweeps the floor with soft sand in addition to sea flanks. This beach has a beautiful view from the north of Georgetown. Although it has hordes of ships with tourist passengers spilling on the shores, the vast stretch of the beach offers a quiet, peaceful path of soft sand for walking and resting. The beach is free from hawkers and vendors hence the peace and quiet. The accommodation provided around encompasses elegant homes along the quiet shores.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is an outdoor garden with animals and plants. For lovers of nature, this is an interesting place to visit on holiday in the Cayman Islands. This park is located on the North of Cayman Islands, and it has a booming collection of several plants species. The park is made of colorful gardens for beautiful scenery. From Iguanas to lizards parading on the beautiful flowers, this park is one of nature’s best gifts. A walk in the beautiful garden creates a peaceful ambiance for rest.

Tukka Restaurant

Tukka restaurant is one of the most famous places in the Cayman Islands. It is located in the West End. The tasty meals it offers will leave an individual’s buds soaking for more food. Taylor Swift, the American singer, and sweetheart was spotted at Tukka restaurant in 2015. She was visiting the Cayman Islands for a vacation. The restaurant is a high-profile area for celebrities as Tom Cruise was equally spotted during the holidays.
George Town

For business related tourist visits, George Town is the capital city and government center of Cayman Islands. This town has shopping centers and is located on the west side of Grand Cayman Islands. The area is a grand financial hub and is the best tourist attraction for business trips. The national museum of Cayman Islands is located in George Town, in the 19th-century building. This building is on Harbor Drive. The museum display local history with historical culture.


The Cayman Islands offers beautiful scenery and historical sites for business and leisure activities. It is among the world’s most praised tourist attractions.