Dubai 10X Delegation Visits Silicon Valley

One of the most prosperous and progressive cities in the world is preparing to become a global center of excellence in terms of tech innovation, and one of its first steps in this regard consists of transforming government services for the benefit of the people.

In late April, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, along with more than 30 government officials from the magnificent port city of Dubai, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates, visited Silicon Valley to meet with tech leaders and present the ambitious Dubai 10X initiative.

What is Dubai 10X?
Dubai 10X is named after a Silicon Valley business mantra that consists of startup companies 10 times more efficient, creative, profitable, and innovative than the status quo. While this initiative focuses on technology, the goal is to continue transforming Dubai into a global center that will be 10 years ahead of other municipalities in terms of governance, public services, business climate, education, and more.

The visit by the Dubai 10X delegation was organized at the highest diplomatic levels of the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Aside from presenting the initiative, the delegation also made clear that Dubai intends to welcome Silicon Valley companies to conduct research and development efforts in the UAE.

Dubai 10X and the Future of the UAE
Some of the companies that participated in Dubai 10X workshops include Autodesk, Airbus, Google, and Uber. The idea is to invite tech leaders to set up shop in Dubai, where they will find incentives to develop solutions that the municipal government can implement as soon as possible.

A major part of the Dubai 10X initiative is to empower citizens of the Emirates, particularly young people, to become interested in technology. To achieve this goal, Dubai 10X will first apply solutions to benefit residents in the style of open-source projects; these solutions will feature a certain level of transparency so that people can understand how they work and thus become inspired.

To a certain extent, Dubai 10X is a hedge play by the UAE, a country that has come to the realization the oil is far from being an infinite resource. In fact, alternative energy generation is a disruptive trend in Silicon Valley; for this reason, Dubai 10X intends to invest wisely now so that people will not have to depend on oil riches in the future.

The successful implementation of Dubai 10X would not only create new jobs but will also position the port city as an attractive tech destination.