Types of art you can buy in Miami

Miami is a favorite vacation or destination place on the southeast, coastal shore of Florida. It is a city filled with life and culture that is heavily influenced by its close proximity to Cuba. The area is filled with glamorous neighborhoods with art Deco buildings that are also heavily influenced by the local Cuban culture. Miami offers the visitor a lot of variety in culture and has a very active art scene too. Miami is an artist mecca. Therefore, its quite easy to buy rather expensive art from an established artist or less expensive art from lesser known artists.

Artists Galore
Miami is filled all types of artists that are eager to share their works of art with the world. Miami is a wonderful point to start your search for the next greatest artist or to purchase lavish art to add to an art collection. It’s surprising the number of well-known celebrities that have been spotted bidding on art at famous art galleries in Miami. Some celebrities spotted include George Lindemann or Oprah Winfrey who has a very eclectic taste in art. Surprisingly, Kanye West is a very serious art collector. Madonna has an art collection in the millions and is known to frequent Miami art shows.

Popular Types Of Miami Art
The Art Basal Festival is a place to find expensive art or the work of an up and coming artist. Leading galleries from around the world are known to display all types of art. Famous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom are known to frequent the Art Basal Festival in search of art treasures. The fact is that Miami is a great place to find colorful and exotic paintings, art sculptures created by local artists, beautiful photographs of local scenery, and ceramics by locals and more.

Certainly, art lovers and collectors from around the country and around the world will quickly discover that Miami is a hot spot for local artist that wish to connect with art lovers or for established artists to find new fans. Miami is actually a attractive venue for the up and coming artist or the well established one. There is a wide range of art galleries that are open to the public in Wynewood and the Design District. There is art for people that prefer paintings, sculptures, photography, or even ceramics.