The Tropical Utopia of the Cayman Islands

Nestled in the Caribbean Sea just south of Cuba, three small tropical oases make up the utopia of the Cayman Islands. Surrounded by the rich blue ocean and lined with an exquisitely beautiful turquoise green shore, it is the kind of place most people dream about. It is the place of refuge for celebrities, where they are as common to the beaches as exotic parrots, turtles, and over two hundred species of bird found in the islands. It is a true tropical paradise when it comes to Made in Cayman properties.

From pirates to Christopher Columbus, the Cayman Islands are rich in fascinating history. Step into the Little Cayman Museum to learn more about it. Explore “Rebecca’s Cave” to visit the grave of a young girl lost in from a hurricane in the early thirties. To add mystery to the history, dive into shipwrecks like the Doc Polson Wreck, or dive along the Anchor Wall. The islands are rich in dive sites, exotic fish and perfect beaches to rest on between dives.

Hungry? The Cayman Islands offer fine dining, such as the highly rated Kaibo restaurant located on a white sandy beach, to the adorable Heritage Kitchen where you absolutely must try the Jerk Ribs! From barbecue to cannelloni, there is something for everyone. While you’re eating, do not be startled if Tom Cruise orders a coffee and sits across from you, or if Cameron Diaz eats a dark valrhona chocolate pavé while flipping through a magazine a few tables down. As mentioned, the Cayman Islands are a favorite for celebrity vacation.

The Powerhouse Gym at King’s Sport’s Centre is famed for A-list celebrities training. Such celebrities include Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Taylor Swift was seen having dinner at Tukka restaurant in the East End. The reason for such an attraction for high-profile celebrities is the respect they are given by the locals. They are allowed to enjoy themselves without the harassment of paparazzi, the bombardment of photo and autograph requests, and are essentially treated like everyone else; a rare luxury for someone in the limelight.

This tropical oasis is a rare and beautiful gem in the ocean. From beautiful dive locations to fine dining, there is everything you can hope for in a tropical island vacation. The Cayman Islands exceed all expectations of luxury, relaxation, and beauty, making it an absolute tropical paradise and a vacationer’s dream.

Visit Cayman Islands Today

It is known as one of the most desirable locations on our planet. The Cayman Islands has it all. From beautiful beaches to exclusive resorts, to great places to stay like Kimpton Seafire Resort. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, resorts, shopping, and entertainment. With all of the areas covered, it isn’t hard to see why the Cayman Islands are a fantastic place to visit.

When looking for outdoor activities, there are many to choose from. Snorkeling at Turtle Reef, Stingray Island, and the Cemetery Reef allows snorkelers to see aquatic wildlife up close and personal. If interested in sunken ships, the Wreck of the Gamma is remarkable. Caves and Coves offer unique places to explore as well.

Scuba diving has a huge selection as well. Becoming a part of the underwater world of the Cayman Islands reaps remarkable rewards. From the Bloody Bay Wall, considered the best ever by the late Jacques Cousteau, the USS Kittiwake, and Babylon which runs completely around the island, there is so much to see and explore. Choosing the location is the hardest part of scuba diving and snorkeling.

If the outdoor scene isn’t what you are after, there are resorts, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment to choose from. The Cayman Islands offers everything. Restaurants such as the Blue, Calypso Grill overlooking Morgan’s Harbour, and the Cracked Conch are just a few of the delicious places to choose from when hungry.

With the plethora of things to do and the beautiful setting, Cayman Islands are a much sought out vacation spot. Celebrities from all over the planet visit Cayman Islands. Everyone from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Tom Cruise are just a few of the big name celebs that enjoy the fruits of Cayman Islands. Former President Jimmy Carter once vacationed here and visited Stingray Island to get close to the majestic rays of the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a magical place for people who wish to experience island life.

Homelessness up in LA this Year

The number of homeless people in Los Angeles County increased 5.7 percent over the past year, but homelessness among veterans and families fell significantly.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority said Tuesday that its annual count in January found about 46,800 homeless in the county with a population of 10 million. That’s up from about 44,300 in January 2015.

Officials said the increase reflected, in part, a more aggressive effort to count younger homeless people, a more daunting target because unlike older homeless people, they did not tend to be concentrated in one place like Skid Row. They said that accounted for some but not all of the increase.

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Dart Foundation Supporting Nation’s Aspiring STEM Professionals

The Dart Foundation is proud to help fund Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a national nonprofit that provides students with a quality educational basis in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Through generous grants, the  PLTW program is helping students learn the skills needed to succeed in the global economy at multiple high schools throughout the United States.

Riverview High School in Florida, one of the schools that received a $35,000 grant from the Dart Foundation, used the generous donation to cover materials, supplies and teacher training in their Computer Integrated Classroom. As a result, the school received National Certification, meaning that its students were able to earn college credit, qualify for scholarships and advance to notable universities.

In fact, 80 percent of PLTW students nationwide intend to go to college, compared to only 68 percent of all high school seniors in the country.

Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, also received a generous grant of $35,000 from the Dart Foundation. With a Dart Container plant located in Conyers, the grant demonstrates the Dart Foundation and foundation board member, Ken Dart’s commitment to supporting and giving back to the local community that supports them.

“As a funder of STEM education programs, we look for opportunities that encourage science and math learning as well as career exploration,” said Ariane Dart, a board member of the Dart Foundation.

Global Warming Poses a Threat to Emperor Penguins

The biggest threat to emperor penguins may not be leopard seals or even killer whales, but a much larger predator: global warming.

Climate change, which is quickly melting the sea ice this species depends on for survival, could cause dramatic drops in the number of emperor penguins across Antarctica by the end of the century, a new study finds. Specifically, more than two-thirds of Antarctica’s emperor penguin colonies will decline by more than 50 percent by the end of the century under future climate change scenarios.

The researchers, from France, the Netherlands and the United States, are pushing to have this iconic species listed as endangered before its numbers hit critical lows. Doing so, the researchers said, may establish “a new global conservation paradigm for species threatened by future climate change.”

The research, detailed on June 29 in the journal Climate Change, is based in part on a 50-year intensive study — supported by the French Polar Institute (IPEV) and Zone Atelier Antarctique (LTER France) — of an emperor penguin colony in Terre Adélie, East Antarctica. Researchers have been closely monitoring the Terre Adélie population each year, collecting biological measurements of the penguins there and charting the population’s growth and decline.


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Egypt to Open the World’s Largest Conservation Centre

Thirteen years of planning and construction will culminate in the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) August 15, 2015. Designed to be an engineering masterpiece, the museum is situated on a plateau in the shadows of the Pyramids of Pisa. Built to replace the museum founded in 1902 in downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square this modern marvel will be home to over 100,000 exhibits.

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim was on hand to oversee the signing of the contracts to begin building the third phase of the 32,000 square meter project. The Egyptian government is hopeful the museum will be a major tourist attraction and estimate between five and eight million visitors annually.

The GEM will house what is believed to be the largest state of the art conservation center in the world. Plans call for open air exhibitions in the Piazza and other outdoor parks on the grounds while providing permanent exhibition galleries, special exhibitions, virtual and large format screens.

Hideki Matsunaga of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, who has provided major funding to the project as well as essential knowledge, boosts that this museum will be comparable to any of the iconic museums in the world such as the Louvre, the Met or the British Museum.

The museum will be equipped with an advanced security system and will have environmental screens, which allow for that open air feel while environmentally controlling the atmosphere to protect the artifacts. The Sierpinski exterior will create another masterpiece in the desert similar to the great pyramids. A translucent material will allow nighttime illumination to filter inside creating an awe inspiring effect.

Construction is planned to continue nonstop to ensure the museum opens on time according to Ibrahim. Egypt’s Orascom Construction Industries and the Belgian BESIX Group, the two companies contracted to build the GEM, echoed their commitment to have the project completed on time. Estimated cost for this third and final phase of the construction is set at $810 million, of which the Japanese are contributing 65%.

The two completed phases house the conservation center with labs, storehouses, energy center and a fire-fighting unit. Artifacts have already been brought to the conservation center and are being prepared for final exhibition next August.

Asia Infrastructure Centre of Excellence Commences Operations

SINGAPORE: Singapore has moved a step closer to fulfilling its ambition of becoming an infrastructure hub, as the Asia Infrastructure Centre of Excellence (AICOE) commenced official operations.

The centre — a joint initiative of IE Singapore and the Asian Development Bank — is funded at S$17 million over three years.

It is expected to boost Singapore’s position as it aims to become an important deal maker in the Asian infrastructure space.

Many Singapore companies are global players in the infrastructure sector — from airport management to water plants and power generation.

The expertise involved is exportable and the government hopes that with the AICOE, more public-private partnerships (PPP) for infrastructure projects will be structured out of Singapore.

Lee Yi Shyan, Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry and National Development, said: “The AICOE will be working with governments in the region to structure PPP projects, and to explore ASEAN’s capital markets to finance or refinance such projects.

“Areas that the initiative will fund are wide-ranging, covering power generation, water management, transport infrastructure and more.”

AICOE is expected to begin consultations with the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Asia is expected to need US$8 trillion worth of infrastructure from 2010 to 2020.

But since 2008, the number and value of infrastructure projects in the region have remained flat.

Speaking at the 2nd Asia-Singapore Infrastructure Roundtable, Mr Lee said “there is much potential for Singapore to play an active and leading role in the region’s push for better infrastructure”.

And government agencies, including IE Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Economic Development Board (EDB), are working in tandem to that end.

MAS has been collaborating with the World Bank on the World Bank-Singapore Infrastructure Finance Summit, while EDB is working with the Singapore Management University and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on an executive programme, the Asia Leaders Programme in Infrastructure Excellence (ALPINE), which will groom upcoming leaders in project development.

IE Singapore is working to develop an Infrastructure Development Programme at the tertiary level, to ensure a pipeline of talent for the sector.

It has also launched an internship with the National University of Singapore, that will allow students to undertake infrastructure-related internships with nine industry partners. The first run, which was oversubscribed by three times, will commence in May 2014.

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