Japanese Fashion Trends

Japanese people are generally known for their creative and unique outfits. Three of the major Japanese fashion trends seen today, include the following: Harajuku, Cat and Furisode trends.

The Harajuku Fashion, which stems from the Harajuku District in Tokyo, and is known as the Birthplace of the Universal Concept “Kawaii”. Harajuku fashion is imaginative and vibrant, to the point of seeming eccentric at times to the older generation. There are many types of fashion in Harajuku including the unique Japanese Lolita style with emphasis on girlish cuteness and coquettish beauty, the medieval aristocrats-inspired Gothic style, the Gothic Lolita style that is a combination the two, and the ballerina-inspired style that mixes vibrant, colorful tops with a tutu skirt. Hats and leggings of all kinds are also popular in this area. Lots of bright colors are generally used, with no set of specific rules.

Then there is Cat Fashion. Cat’s are popular pets in Japan, and Cat Fashion has become popular among young Japanese woman in their teens and twenties. Cat’s are admired in Japan for their independent nature and the way they move, and cat lover’s want to express love and admiration for their cats through their clothing.

Cat-themed fashion items include clothes, shoes, Alice headbands, jewelry, and other accessories. Some popular items include blouses made from cat-print materials, skirts and pants designed as large cat faces using buttons and embroidery, and T-shirts printed with big cat faces. There is also hats and headbands with cat ears available.

Trends in Furisode is another style, but stems from more traditional roots. It features long sleeves that hang down to the ankles or calves, and has its origins in the Heian period (794-1185). By the early Edo period (1603-1868), the Furisode had become the standard formal wear for women that weren’t married. The garments are also said to protect against disaster and disease by shaking off misfortune with their long sleeves. The modern twist to this style, is using more modern colors, and contrasting the color of their Furisode to their Obi, (sash).

So between the very new and vibrant, to the very animalistic, to the traditional with a modern twist, Japanese Fashion Trends continue to push the envelopes of fashion and are as unique and varied in style with themselves, as they are with the rest of the world.