The Tropical Utopia of the Cayman Islands

Nestled in the Caribbean Sea just south of Cuba, three small tropical oases make up the utopia of the Cayman Islands. Surrounded by the rich blue ocean and lined with an exquisitely beautiful turquoise green shore, it is the kind of place most people dream about. It is the place of refuge for celebrities, where they are as common to the beaches as exotic parrots, turtles, and over two hundred species of bird found in the islands. It is a true tropical paradise when it comes to Made in Cayman properties.

From pirates to Christopher Columbus, the Cayman Islands are rich in fascinating history. Step into the Little Cayman Museum to learn more about it. Explore “Rebecca’s Cave” to visit the grave of a young girl lost in from a hurricane in the early thirties. To add mystery to the history, dive into shipwrecks like the Doc Polson Wreck, or dive along the Anchor Wall. The islands are rich in dive sites, exotic fish and perfect beaches to rest on between dives.

Hungry? The Cayman Islands offer fine dining, such as the highly rated Kaibo restaurant located on a white sandy beach, to the adorable Heritage Kitchen where you absolutely must try the Jerk Ribs! From barbecue to cannelloni, there is something for everyone. While you’re eating, do not be startled if Tom Cruise orders a coffee and sits across from you, or if Cameron Diaz eats a dark valrhona chocolate pavé while flipping through a magazine a few tables down. As mentioned, the Cayman Islands are a favorite for celebrity vacation.

The Powerhouse Gym at King’s Sport’s Centre is famed for A-list celebrities training. Such celebrities include Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Taylor Swift was seen having dinner at Tukka restaurant in the East End. The reason for such an attraction for high-profile celebrities is the respect they are given by the locals. They are allowed to enjoy themselves without the harassment of paparazzi, the bombardment of photo and autograph requests, and are essentially treated like everyone else; a rare luxury for someone in the limelight.

This tropical oasis is a rare and beautiful gem in the ocean. From beautiful dive locations to fine dining, there is everything you can hope for in a tropical island vacation. The Cayman Islands exceed all expectations of luxury, relaxation, and beauty, making it an absolute tropical paradise and a vacationer’s dream.