Visit Cayman Islands Today

It is known as one of the most desirable locations on our planet. The Cayman Islands has it all. From beautiful beaches to exclusive resorts, to great places to stay like Kimpton Seafire Resort. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, resorts, shopping, and entertainment. With all of the areas covered, it isn’t hard to see why the Cayman Islands are a fantastic place to visit.

When looking for outdoor activities, there are many to choose from. Snorkeling at Turtle Reef, Stingray Island, and the Cemetery Reef allows snorkelers to see aquatic wildlife up close and personal. If interested in sunken ships, the Wreck of the Gamma is remarkable. Caves and Coves offer unique places to explore as well.

Scuba diving has a huge selection as well. Becoming a part of the underwater world of the Cayman Islands reaps remarkable rewards. From the Bloody Bay Wall, considered the best ever by the late Jacques Cousteau, the USS Kittiwake, and Babylon which runs completely around the island, there is so much to see and explore. Choosing the location is the hardest part of scuba diving and snorkeling.

If the outdoor scene isn’t what you are after, there are resorts, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment to choose from. The Cayman Islands offers everything. Restaurants such as the Blue, Calypso Grill overlooking Morgan’s Harbour, and the Cracked Conch are just a few of the delicious places to choose from when hungry.

With the plethora of things to do and the beautiful setting, Cayman Islands are a much sought out vacation spot. Celebrities from all over the planet visit Cayman Islands. Everyone from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Tom Cruise are just a few of the big name celebs that enjoy the fruits of Cayman Islands. Former President Jimmy Carter once vacationed here and visited Stingray Island to get close to the majestic rays of the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a magical place for people who wish to experience island life.